Ribbond® Bondable Reinforcement Ribbon

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Periodontal Splint

Periodontal Splint on Typodont

Ribbond is perhaps best known for making periodontal splints. Ribbond splints are strong, highly bondable and esthetic. A Ribbond splint takes less time than traditional methods, is more esthetic, less bulky and exceptionally failure resistant.

This video shows a mandibular splint that is placed on the lingual surfaces of the teeth.
For maxillary splints, we recommend bonding the Ribbond into a small groove prepared on the facial

Ribbond has a well-established and well-documented history of success. For further articles discussing this procedure, including a 96-month recall study authored by Dr. Howard Strassler DMD, FADM, please give us a call.

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Splint Technique

Measure the length of the periodontal splint with the dead soft tinfoil included in the Ribbond kit. Cut the fibers to the corresponding length.
Cutting Ribbond
Wet the Ribbond with Ribbond Wetting Resin or an unfilled adhesive bonding resin that does not contain solvents or dentin primers.
Wetting Ribbond
Apply a bead of Ribbond Securing Composite or filled composite to the etched tooth surfaces where the periodontal splint will be placed.
Applying composite
Starting at one end, push the Ribbond fibers through the composite and closely adapt them to the surfaces of the teeth.
Adapting Ribbond
Using your fingers and an composite instrument continue adapting the Ribbond fibers closely against the teeth including deep into the interproximal contacts.
Adapting interproximally
After curing the splint, cover the fibers with a layer of flowable composite to make the splint smooth. Do not use rotary instruments to polish the splint. The fibers must be covered with a thin layer of composite.
Applying smoothing layer
The completed Ribbond Periodontal Splint is thin, aesthetic, and durable.
Finished periodontal splint


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